The best way to reach Beckie for media interviews and speaking engagement requests is by email: beckieweinheimer58 AT yahoo DOT com.


Large Groups
This presentation starts with a power point where I will talk about how/why I became an author. It includes behind the scenes into various episodes of my novel Converting Kate including lobstering (have you ever filled a bait bag?), running a Bed and Breakfast how do you really make a car that runs on used French Fry Oil and smells like a rolling McDonalds? It also includes funny illustrations of incidents from my past that inspired the story.

After the power point I will open the audience for question and answers. This is always a great experience.

Fee: Negotiable

Small Groups
I love conducting class size writer’s workshops. The workshops work best when the group is smaller, 15-20 students at the most. The students will come away with creative writing techniques and a short piece of writing they have created in the workshop. *See Author/Writer Workshop details listed under library visits

Fee: Negotiable

*I would also be willing to donate my time at a special/ed or alternative education classes if I am already at the school for a visit. I am also happy to talk with interested faculty during their lunch period, just let me know if I need to bring my own sack lunch!


Author Talk/Writer’s Workshop. This combined session takes one to two hours. I begin the author talk with quizzes for those who have NOT read my book (easy multiple choice) and a harder quiz for those who have read the book (fill in the blank). The winner of the easy quiz wins a package of Kate’s favorite candy. The winner of the harder quiz wins an autographed copy of my book. Everyone wins a consolation prize,(some of Chelsea’s favorite candy). Then I give a presentation with photos, questions answers about how/why I became an author.

After this those who want to remain are welcome to stay for a Writer’s Workshop. The participants will learn basic creative writing techniques and will create a short story, paragraph, poem or even a graphic style comic by the end of our session. I have a teen writer’s page on my website and encourage participants to send their writing in. Adults are also welcome to join the workshops. These workshops work best when the group is smaller.5- 20. I can also do just an author talk or just a writer’s workshop if that works out best for your library.

Fee: Negotiable
*I donate my services for libraries in the New York Metro area.


I am happy to give an author talk and sign books.  I would also be willing to lead a writers workshop (see description above under Libraries).


Writer Conferences Such as SCBWI

I love speaking to other authors!

I am passionate about voice, about finding your own story and thrive on helping to inspire other writers on this most creative and magical journey.

I enjoy conducting one on one critique sessions with authors and feel my MFA in Creative Writing at Vermont College has made me skilled and comfortable in this setting.

Fee: Negotiable.

Book Clubs

I can visit your book club to discuss Converting Kate if it is in the NYC metro area. If your club is located anywhere else, I can schedule a phone Question and Answer session when your are discussing Converting Kate.  No fee.


  • I need a screen and place to set up my lap top for power point presentations.
  • A long table and chairs for a writer’s workshop
  • I provide pencils, paper and prizes.
  • I can provide books to sell, or you can contact Viking directly at Author’s Event Department