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“Richly multilayered characters, portrayed with empathy, make this debut novel a strong addition to a growing body of works about adolescents seeking to reconcile the cohesive faith of childhood with the fractured religious diversity of the adult world.” – Kirkus Review

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“Beckie Weinheimer takes many of the compelling issues facing us today and addresses them on a personal level in the form of 15 year old Kate.  Kate must deal with some universal problems such as divorce, the death of a parent, a new home and new school, as well as some very topical issues like homophobia and fundamentalist religion and dogma.  While her mother still follows their fundamentalist church, Kate has more and more questions about its fairness, tolerance and compassion.  Like many teens, Kate often feels unsure, frustrated, misunderstood but she gradually feels her way through a host of new experiences and finds her way into a world of her own making.  CONVERTING KATE is the powerful story of a young woman facing many changes in her life and handling them with a combination of guts and grace.
” – Author Kathy Erskine

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I have read Converting Kate several times now and with each reading, find a different pearl of wisdom hidden within it’s pages. I have read it outloud on a long roadtrip with my partner and we both cried together over Kate’s journey seeing our own similar experiences in her “conversion.” I have also read it silently to myself – slowly pondering each chapter on completion. I always find a true mark of a great story whether on page, the movie screen or elsewhere to be one where the characters come alive in my mind and seem so real that weeks, months or years after experiencing their story I might stop and wonder what they are up to now … I can’t help but wonder what Kate is up to now. Reader

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